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Time Station 1.3
Description >>
Specifications >>

What does Time Station?

  • Time Station is an easy to handle solution for time measuring and calculation.

  • The timer values are appended to a specific column of an editable spreadsheet where they can be used for further operations. >>
    Thus, one can make multiple records at the same time. >>
    All times can be listed and evaluated in a fullscreen score display. >>
    Times and floating-point numbers may also be entered manually. >>
    The data of the time column are displayable as a graph. >>

  • Saving functions include automatic backups and data logging. >>

  • An export / import function allows to adapt the time format to the needs of the target application and converts the format back at import. >>

  • To make a presentation, a different export function saves the table and graph to a html file. The data can be extracted from that file back to the table. >>

  • Data and graph are printable.

  • Users who have a VISA runtime installed (e.g. Labview users) are able to operate the program very easily by a serial port connection, so that events from outside can be measured or counted. >>

  • The distribution includes a metronome >> and a simple waker. >>


  • Platforms
    Tested on WinME and WinXP, should also work on newer Windows platforms.
    Compiler and runtime engine: Labview.

  • Minimal system configuration
    12 MB free disk space, 64 MB memory (20 MB free), 500 MHz Processor.
    The system font "MS Sans Serif" must be installed to keep the proportions.
    (normally it is)

  • Timer
    Precision: 1, 10 or 100 ms.
    Deviation: delay of up to 10 ms at start and stop on slow or busy machines. The deviation during a count depends on the precision of the hardware timer and may be catched by the calibration option. See Note on Precision >>
    Serial port delay: 1, 10 and 50 ms at precision of 1, 10 and 100 ms.
    Minimal measurable duration: ca. 100 ms.
    Maximal measurable duration: unlimited, but results might possibly deviate at very long durations (e.g. months) even if calibration is used.

  • Calculations
    Addition (multiple values of the same type)
    Subtraction (multiple values of the same type)
    Multiplication (2 values: time*float, float*float)
    Division (2 values: time/time, time/float, float/float)
    Conversion (time=>float, float=>time; units: y, d, h, m, s, ms)
    Average (multiple values of the same type)
    Maximal common divisor (multiple positive times or integer values)
    Minimal common multiple (multiple positive times or integer values, deviation) >>
    Increment/decrement by a specified number (multiple values)
    Trigonometry (1 value: time or float; deg/rad mode; deg/rad conversion)

  • Saving options (registered users only)
    Save, save as
    Append data (save a copy)
    Backup (manual or automatic)
    Logging (manual or automatic)
    Formatted export to txt, csv, xls, sql; import from txt, csv, sql.
    Export to html / Import from html

  • Miscellaneous
    Digits after decimal point in string output: max. 10
    Max. table size: machine dependent (tested with 50.000 rows on a slow machine)

For more details refer to the Help file.

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